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Reset the culture

The Vision

To reset the Hollywood culture by facilitating creative and financial independence for visionaries within the entertainment industry.

Global Changemakers

The Mission

Be the digital media platform to express authentic, provocative, even controversial work, creating global change, empathy, and enlightenment. Empower and equip a collective of entertainment industry professionals with the tools necessary to reach their highest potential of artistic contribution.

A global media phenomenon

The Idea

To incorporate all facets of the world of entertainment, technology, and business into a global media phenomenon. The Platform showcases the work of artistic collaborations while building solid and profitable business models, creating a global footprint in the entertainment and technology industries.

There is this culture that comes from the [fashion] agency that you are disposable and you are lucky to be here. It's a toxic power dynamic and it starts from the top

Meredith HattamFormer Model
Time to change the status quo

Who is this for?

DISRUPTORS! Film, music, aesthetics, fashion, media.

No matter what segment of the entertainment industry you are interested in, whatever discipline, anyone can pitch.

Taking back control

What makes us different?


Artists have ownership and control over their projects from the beginning.


Users can actively guide, create and participate in the development of projects they care about.

Creating new paths

I am Hollywood’s, I guess you could say, acceptable version of a black girl and that has to change. We’re vastly too beautiful and too interesting for me to just be the only representation of that,... What I’m saying, it’s about creating those opportunities,... You have to create those paths. And that’s with anything, Hollywood, art, whatever.

ZendayaSinger and Actor

‘There is room for everyone’: 14 film critics on making media more inclusive

via LA Times

Hollywood diversity study says TV, film industry ‘whitewashed’


Follow 25 incubators over the course of their project development for the audience to see, participate and develop the ideas out further.

Rich digital media platform that will leverage the show and social media to build an integrated media platform.

MVPs will pitch their projects to prospective investors for investment at the various stages of each project.

Meet Our Team

We are bringing together a team of experts across all industries and disciplines. Say hello to the group of pioneers getting The Platform off the ground.

Janice Taylor

Janice Taylor

CEO and Founder Mazu Technologies Inc.

Janice Taylor is the CEO and Founder of Mazu – an entrepreneur, author and speaker whose innovation has taken her from Oprah to Silicon Valley to working with some of the largest sports brands in the world. With no experience in tech, she pursued creating change in the digital world after witnessing the negative experiences her friends and children were having on traditional social media. She felt that by including families in children’s experiences, and guiding them from a place of love and compassion, that digital media could become a positive and fun place for all ages. Using her background in psychology, Janice sought to build a solution to the destructive experience of social media for children, ultimately creating Mazu.
Kazembe Ajamu

Kazembe Ajamu

President/CEO KZC Entertainment

Ten years ago, Kazembe Ajamu was an athletic director, teacher, championship basketball coach, and proud father of soon to be global superstar, Zendaya. Believing she was destined for immense success, Kazembe moved his family to Los Angeles and with marginal business experience, but impeccable faith in his daughter's talent, created and became CEO of KZC Entertainment, catapulting her career from Disney Channel to being named one of Vanity Fair's 12 Extraordinary Stars in 2017.
“I would say my greatest accomplishments are the lives of my children and students that I’ve impacted. As a teacher I’ve influenced thousands of lives over the years and still do. I’ve taught and coached kids in music, theatre, and sports. I’ve won various championships and received numerous awards but that doesn't really mean shit to me. My life is about legacy. And I want my legacy to be that I had a vision and would stop at nothing to see it come to pass. People will tell you, if there’s anyone who thought they could come to Hollywood and make it, it would be me. It’s not about chasing your dreams, it’s about LIVING your dreams!”
Christina Karis

Christina Karis


Christina Karis believes “an artist is a scientist of the soul.” She has been tirelessly honing her craft for many years, receiving her B.A. in Theatre from Alabama State University and her M.F.A. from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Now residing in Los Angeles, she hopes to create stories that not only entertain, but spark conversations of hope and empathy. Christina’s most recent work includes the NBC smash This Is Us, Miles Ahead with Don Cheadle and Ewan McGregor, Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong, and the soon to be released fantastical biopic Bolden! Christina believes that success is the result of faith, tenacity, and gratitude. She credits Beyonce, Oprah, Denzel Washington, and Cate Blanchett as creators that have influenced her artistry and creativity. In addition to filmmaking, Christina hopes to use her platform to reach the “little dreamers of the world, encouraging them that they were born to create and the world is beckoning them to follow their calling.”

Leni Rico


GROWING up in a quaint little town South of Spain called Linares (Jaen), Leni Rico was grateful that while her friends were experimenting with alcohol and cigarettes, she was busy playing basketball professionally, and happily competing in the travel team, at a young age of 12. For several years, the team was the country’s First Division Champion, until they became the Honor Division Champion, the maximum category in basketball in Spain.
Aside from being chosen as one of the best basketball players in Andalucia, she was the captain of their team for a couple of years as well.
Her father wasn’t so keen on her playing basketball and traveling a lot, but her older brothers, all businessmen, though very busy, were her biggest support group. And, of course, there’s Uncle Pedro. ”He was my biggest fan. Uncle Pedro would always watched me play, and always supported me. He thought I was the best, obviously,” she quips with a laugh.
She left her parents’ house at the age of 18 and have been forging the course of her life since then. Putting in so many hours working out during the day had tired her tremendously thereby affecting the results of her exams, and by sheer happenstance, a bike accident placed her back on track. She had to stay at home for days to recuperate, had the chance to study, passed her exams and finished college.
Thinking about her future, Leni quit basketball despite the protests of her coach and moved to Granada to pursue a degree in Business and Tourist Activities which she finished within three years. She then moved to Marbella, handled a lot of other jobs one of which was selling luxury cars. It was while working in the Accounting department of an International investments company that she was given the opportunity to visit the New York Stock Exchange.
With business-minded parents for role models who helped her focus on the positive, and have driven her to follow her dreams, she went into business and co-owned a clothing store with her sister. Her parents own an olive tree farm in Spain, and her dad owns a company that deals with slot machines called Recreativos Zahira.
Now a full-fledged actress and a producer, Leni didn’t have an inkling that she will be in the ‘showbiz’ world at all. With an inquisitive mind, she once thought that she would be a reporter, and in college, while taking up Tourism, she thought that being a director of a big hotel was the life for her.
As a young kid, Leni and her friends were earning money performing for their neighborhood, putting up plays and music videos in their little street called Calle Cazorla. They even had a private club and had created their own radio station, “Radio Palanganas que transmite cuando le da la gana.” She would always compete in the ‘Playbacks’ where she “normally won.”
Growing up watching movies and TV shows, she’s always been fascinated by how the actors and actresses can easily memorize their lines, and how they can make their acting look so real. When her sister took her to ESAEM Escuela de Artes Escenicas, a light bulb turned on in her mind. It was then that she realized that acting was her passion. She took classes on acting, modeling, dancing, singing, even fencing, anything that can help her in utilizing her talent and fulfill her calling. Her career took off when she played the lead in “The Print,” “La Debutante,” and “6.09” –
though short films, had garnered awards and recognition.
Being the hard-worker that she is, she held three jobs at one point in her life. That was when she decided to take a vacation for a month in Miami. So obsessed with acting at that time, she booked for a role in the soap opera “Eva Luna,” and after that got offered other roles which she declined, opting to go back home to Spain, having her mindset into coming to Los Angeles instead. According to Leni, “I fell in love with the idea of living in the USA.”
Equipped with big ambitions and a great determination, she looks forward to working with the best directors, especially, with one of her favorites, Woody Allen. Leni dreams of working in big international movies and TV series as well. “And, why not, I would like to win an Oscar as the best actress one day,” she further stated. In the meantime, she has several projects lined up for production, one of which topic is very close to her heart as it will help bring help and awareness to a lot of people.
She is happy with what she’s accomplished, including being awarded the Best Supporting Actress Honorable Mention Award at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival in Lima for her short film “Muerete, Mi Amor,” which she produced in Spain, snagging the Best LGBT Short Film Award as well.
On her free time, Leni loves to workout, practice yoga, play pickeball, hike, and ride her bike to the beach. A focused person, she loves to read and learn new things as much as she can. She is happiest when she is surrounded by her good friends, fun, and positive people. She loves to laugh, enjoys jokes, and likes to take things lightly. She is most annoyed with people who complain all the time. ”They live in victimilandia. I get rid of them fast,” says Leni.
“Being inspired by others artists, I feel like we all can do much more for the world with our messages. I love to see women that have created their own empire. They motivate me,” ends Leni.

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